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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bia Hong Kong - Part II

We intermingled International cuisine with Chinese food during our stay and although it’s touted as fusion food, I’d count our meal in Felix as an international meal. To explain further, Felix is a Phillipe Starck designed restaurant on the top floor of the Peninsula Hotel, with absolutely fantabulous views. Before we left Ireland we were told that if we felt like treating ourselves in Hong Kong, Felix was the place to go. We decided to book a table there for our last night in Hong Kong.

Felix was a real treat. From the dedicated luxurious lifts that swoop you up to a dizzy height (they also spectacularly dim the lights upon arrival at the restaurant), to the dual frontaged bar, the incredible view, the well designed serving pods, Felix has a serious wow factor, oh, and two g&t’s cost you €18!!!!! So, hands down I think it counts as our most expensive meal we have ever had ever, anywhere. The views are spectacular, the experience was unforgettable and the food is excellent. We had a really great night. We didn’t take any photos of our meals but we couldn’t ignore deserts….
oh, and here’s one which will give you some sense of the décor, just ignore the pensive look (oh, ok, then I was a little inebriated by that stage).

Just in case you might think Hong Kong is a precursor to how we’ll be living in New Zealand, be under no illusion, real life commences when we reach Wellington. We’ll be treating Auckland and Hamilton as part of the holiday (before the long real life holiday in Wellington begins).


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