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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Feast of Saints Peter & Paul (Post No. 96)

There are many advantages to living the current life we are living and there are few disadvantages, most of which involve friends and family. Here's a pic of my immediate family and my Auntie Ann. (Just in case you thought I had two mothers!)

Why the picture? Well it was my Dad's 70th birthday today, so I rang him to wish him a Happy Birthday yesterday, as we cannot obviously be there.

Why yesterday? Well for years he thought his birthday was on the 29th June, until he recently came across his passport which showed his date of birth as the 30th!

Why the confusion? Well his parents had a shop in our home town of Enniscorthy, and the 29th June was a Holy Day of Obligation, the Feast of Saints Peter & Paul. Therefore the shop was shut giving everybody the chance to celebrate his birthday with him. So now we get to wish him a Happy Birthday twice in the one month, which has a certain novelty to it at the moment!

Happy Birthday Dad, sorry we can't be there.

As you would say yourself,

Beidh la eile! (Gaelic meaning there will be another day)




  • At 11:58 PM, Blogger Billyboyog said…

    Great to see the Tenerife on the blog. What a surprise. We drank a toast to Sharon and yourself the other night in Monart.
    I expect the cost was shared between your siblings. A lot of wine was consumed. Make a severe dent in credit cards.
    We are all meeting up in The Glen this afternoon, all grandkids as well.
    Have to rush,



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