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Monday, March 10, 2008

Best of Wellington

It's been that long since I blogged I have almost forgotten how. Decided there was one last post that needed to be posted before we began to blog about our lives here in Ireland. By the way all is good here and Sharon and Bump are in good form.

Considering we almost lived in the capital for a year I decided some time ago to do a best of Wellington. It's the most southerly capital in the world and was voted the fourth best capital city in the world. Again I keep meaning to add to the post but can't seem to get the time. So here it is the best of Wellington.

Best Public Art Galleries: City Gallery and NZ Academy of Fine Arts

Best Bar: Matterhorn, Cuba Street.

Best Beaches: Scorching Bay & Oriental Bay

Best Breakfast: Floriditas (Best organic eggs on the planet)

Best Bus Route: No. 14 although I can't say I have been on them all.

Best Cafes: Astorias, Ernestos and Chocolate Fish

Best Drink: Any Pinot Noir in my opinion!

Best Restaurants: Pravda, Matterhorn, Olive

Best Public Park: Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Theatre: Downstage

Best Cinema: Embassy

Best Live Entertainment Venue: San Fransisco Bath House

Best Supermarket: Moore Wilson's

Best Local Bar: The Realm Hataitai (Slightly biased!)

Best things to do: Cable Car to Botanic Gardens, Botanic Gardens, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Te Papa Museum, Coffee in a cafe on a sunny day.

Best Tennis Club: Kilbernie Tennis Club (Again completely bias!)

Best Relaxed Walk: Oriental Bay

Best Night Course: An Introduction to Wine (OK I only did the one but I really enjoyed it!)

Best Neighbourhood: Hataitai (Pronounced Hi-tie-tie, this was our neighbourhood so again we are being biased!)

If you are caught between living in the Capital or Auckland and you are worried about the weather in the windy city remember the phrase "If Wellington Blows, Auckland Sucks!"

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  • At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Sara said…

    what about:
    Best Yarn shop?
    Veerrrry important!


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