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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rohan goes to Johnstown Castle

Rohan lives in the south east of Ireland in County Wexford. Wexford boasts some really nice places to visit, one of these being Johnstown Castle. Here's Rohan is his pram sporting a hand knit hat his Granny G knit him.

The front of the Castle.

The back of the castle.

New parents breaking new ground i.e. getting out of the house!

More pics around the grounds of the castle.

There's swans and peacocks in the park. We only got to see the swans today.

Johnstown castle is a brilliant place to bring kids. There's all sorts of things to see and plenty of space to run around. There's even a walled garden with a glass house, but we didn't manage to get to it today. Maybe next time.......

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  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger EnnaVic said…

    Rohan is absolutely gorgeous - and a lovely name. Well done all of you. It's hard work the first few weeks with your first. I don't think you ever feel so worn out with later kids which is a bit wierd but pehaps yoru body is used to running on less sleep etc by then. Anyway take it easy and enjoy this time together, Before you know it you have a 9 yo (!)

    Haven't got in to town to get the thing I want to get for Rohan but will let you know when I post something.

    PS: Nice cabbage tree in the shot with Sharon and the pram.


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