Where two next?

Antipodean travelogue through the eyes of two - one textile and one building lover. It'll be hard to differentiate the two!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mixed Emotions

Well to say that our travels started with a certain sense of trepidation would be under stating the point somewhat. Not only did we had to reconcile the joy of having the next year to travel, with the sadness of having to say goodbye to so many close friends and family, but also watch the weather forecast with baited breath. We got on the plane in Dublin relieved to be leaving on time only to be informed by our pilot that the same weather belt that had caused so much disruption to Dublin airport over the last 24 hrs had now arrived at Schiphol Airport! Would we land?, would we be diverted?, what about our connection? However we find ourselves here safe and sound waiting for our transfer flight which leaves for Hong Kong in under an hour.

My brother incidentally lived in the Netherlands some time ago and informed me that Schiphol translates to “Ships Hell.” The airport was built on reclaimed land, typically Dutch, and when they drained the sea they found loads of old ship wrecks hence the name.

Anyway we’ve bought the travel pillows and our 11 hour flight to Hong Kong beckons and so ends my first of hopefully many posts.