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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And so we say goodbye


Indirectly Famous

I have been neglecting my building of the week section, as it is a bit too much like work. Yes I do work! Besides, now that I am indirectly famous, see below, I feel my work here is done. (The extract below is taken from a comment on my post called "A curious type of engagement).


I meant to send this to you earlier but just after you wrote about the waikato river etc, there was an article in the local paper (Waikato Times) written by a Dutch architect, Marco Hommel making the same point as yourself. Since then the "debate has been raging" in true Waikato style"


OK, you could argue that for an Architect this stuff is bread and butter to us so too speak. Nevertheless there is always that element of self doubt that creeps in and it is nice to get a little vindication now and again.

Anyway I have to go pack for the holidays.

Sean thanks for letting me know about the article about Hamilton in stuff magazine.

tangelled angel, I finished the book The Time Traveler's Wife and yes the ending is very good, especially when the cold got to him etc.! I have to say though that I still enjoyed The Bone People a good bit more. It's quite sad in places and in my opinion a difficult read but worth the effort. The difference for me between the two books is the simple fact that I couldn't put down The Bone People, and I just couldn't say the same about the other book. Maybe you should give it a try?

To all Sharon's knitting buddies out there, and indeed our friends, thanks for all your comments. This posting thing is a lot of hard work! It's great to know people are actually reading it and from the feed back we have got enjoying it also.


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The Case of Katherine Mansfield

We couldn't get tickets to the Sevens this past weekend in Wellington so we did the next best thing - we went to the theatre. We've been meaning to go to The Case of Katherine Mansfield since we arrived here and when we did actually get around to looking for tickets we'd left it until the very last night of the show.

The play, featuring just one actor Danielle Cormack, has been getting some rave reviews and we were looking forward to seeing her in action. We weren't disappointed. Amazing how one person can have an audience totally entranced for nearly 90 mins without a break. Her energy, acting ability and sheer stamina was amazing. The choreography was subtle but very effective. The play takes you through the life of Katherine Mansfield, Wellington's most famous writer. She had quite a short and sad life but is now regarded as one of the best short story writers of her period. I have not yet read through the book above but I've no problem admitting that I didn't enjoy the first collection of stories "In a German Pension" (in the play she remarks about how this collection was not her best work - I nearly laughed out loud!) but I'm thoroughly enjoying the rest as I read through the book.

We joined in with the rest of the Sevens crowd after the show and Fiona I have a found a new cocktail - it's a variation on your favoured Mojito - made with vodka and ginger beer it's called a Moscow Mule - you should try one out! (I've just read the recipe and the one I had differed slightly in that it had loads of mint - so maybe it's a kiwi variation).


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