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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Australia V New Zealand

Well we're back. Our journey around the south island took us to some amazing places and you'll have to stay tuned to find out more.

We said goodbye to Sharon's sister Annette a few days ago and life is slowly falling back into a routine. We plan on doing nothing for the next few weeks-in terms of traveling- except relaxing in our new, if temporary, home.

We stuck more or less to Sharon's brilliant itinerary and drove a total of 3000 kms!

Before we left, I was curious to know which country would be the best experience overall, New Zealand or Australia. I have decided it's a bit like comparing chalk and cheese. They are so unique and different in their own right that comparison is not necessarily possible or fair. Our trip around New Zealand was fabulous and the scenery simply unique, but the same can be said for Australia. The weather is better in Australia but having said that, New Zealand's landscape is a product of their weather patterns also. The landscape of New Zealand cannot be found in Australia, or the Australian in New Zealand.

So I guess I am sitting on the fence but not out of any sense of diplomacy. There are simply beyond comparison, in my opinion, but both are a must!

I can imagine that the pictures from our travels around NZ might pale by comparison to those of Australia. If for no other reason the difference in seasons, although Australia does offer good weather all year round- is that a subtle nod towards Australia- not my intention I can assure you.

I hope the pictures we have taken of the NZ landscape do justice to the amazing scenery we encountered. The landscape is such a broad canvas that it is hard to take in the atmosphere it creates with little snap shots here and there.

The pic above is the map of the south island that we posted before we left. Hopefully you can make out the additional blue dots from the previous post, if you can't not to worry we will take you there, for better or for worse, in the posts to follow.


P.S. I have been badgering Sharon to set up a Flickr account on this blog for both Australia and New Zealand. Now thanks to her you can compare the photo's and decide yourself which one wins!

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