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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back with a Pong

Well we're back. We arrived into Wellington airport at 23.59 on the 5th March. A minute before I turned 34 incidently.

We arrived back to a house with no electricity and therefore a well defrosted and very smelly fridge. We have tried all sorts to get the smell out of the fridge but so far most of our attempts have been unsuccessful.

Luckily we had candles, which we found eventually. A less than perfect start to our return. It transpires that when you move into a house in NZ it is up to you to contact the electrical provider or they cut you off! If we weren't in NZ I would say that the whole thing is a bit Irish!

Anyway the next day, yesterday, as predicted I had to ring Telecom and tell them that our first bill should not include for three modems! I am beginning to wonder whether we are in NZ at all. The person I was dealing with was due to ring me back today, but I reckon she was busy in their store completing a modem stock take. Maybe she'll ring tomorrow? I also asked her to credit my account for the cost of registering the modems when I returned them. What are the chances?

Anyway, after deleting a load of photos we still have over a 1000. (Damn digital cameras!) We also have over two hours of video to get through. So normal service should return when our heads stop spinning and we can actually articulate, what was a trip of a lifetime.


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