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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Do Not Compute

We woke this morning to the now familiar sound of thud, thud, thud, down the steps to our house. Opened our front door to another new arrival, yes that's right our third modem. He's a sturdy little criter, but alas unwanted.

All these modems should make for an interesting first monthly bill....I wonder when they have to bill me for three modems will they begin to suspect there's a problem....emm...doubtful. I suspect I will have to ring them and draw their attention to the fact that one should only require one modem.

Anyway as if that wasn't enough, my new laptop decided to go gaga on me earlier today. I returned to my computer to a warning notice with a blue background, stating that it had dumped all physical memory. I'm not that technical a person but I suspect that's not good. Needless to say it won't start now.

The computer was acting up last week and I went back to the store and explained how it just wouldn't start. Took the computer out and it just started first time for the technician. I could have cried. It is probably the only time when you wish for a problem to repeat itself.

He kept the computer for the day did some tests and rang me to say they couldn't find any fault. When I returned to collect the computer I got the impression the technician thought I was a bottle or two short of a six pack! We'll see who's laughing when I return tomorrow and ask him, with as much sarcasim as an Irish Man can muster up, "to start her up now, dude."

Known my luck it will probably start first time, either way he'll have the last laugh as he informed me that the next time there was a problem they would have to send it away for four weeks to get the problem sorted. Luckily, as Sharon has mentioned in a previous post, we will be away for most of it.


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