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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Congrats to........

Well it's congrats to Isobel for correctly identifying the tree in the previous post about the Botanic Gardens as being a Pohutekawa tree. Or more commonly known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree. Here is a close up of the flowers as requested by my sister.

Unfortunately I thought it was a Feijoa tree so it actually doesn't fruit as I suggested previously. Considering my mother is a Horticulturist, my sister is a Horticulturist, my brother is a Landscape Architect completing a Doctorate in Forestry and the fact that I was brought up on a Nursery I think I have no real excuse for this oversight bar an extreme casualness when it comes to this blogging thing.

Anyway for the record here is a picture of a Feijoa flower, and I beleive this fruits in the Autumn. Its a pity the New Zealand Tree doesn't grow Feijoas as apparently they are very tasty.

Given my background perhaps I could create a new hybrid.


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New Years Resolutions

Well it’s that time of year again and its time to put my money where my blog is so to speak. So here it is a simple list of things to try to achieve in the New Year. Apparently the key is not to aim too high, seriously. If you set unrealistic targets, you get frustrated at the progress you are making and eventually give up. With this is mind mine are pretty much none committal

1 Start jogging and become fitter
2 Drink less and eat healthier
3 Learn to swim…..again!
4 Suck the life out of 2007 (Sharon's suggestion)

Number three is ironic really as this is the third time I will have tried to learn how to swim. The first time was as a kid when I had to get “grommets” in my ears which meant I had to give it up. Eventually I went back as a mature student to Rathmines swimming pool. I was something of an oddity, having the ability to empty the contents of the pool while remaining perfectly stationary. I would kick out from the side of the pool with my pale blue float and slowly come to a complete stop as the friction of the water won the fight against my momentum. I would then lie in the water in an inverted dead mans float and watch everybody else sail on by.

Anyway once more into the brink, as I begin my adventure and probably baffle another swimming community.


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