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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lost in Translation

We went to see the All Blacks take on France last night in the Westpac Stadium here in Wellington, it was the second and final test match France were to play.

It was a game of two halves but unfortunately for the French the All Blacks kicked seven types of "joi de vivre" out of them in both, the game ending 61-10 in the All Blacks favour.

Here's a few pics of us at the match as you have seen the stadium in a previous post.

Although we decided to support the All Blacks it has to be said that we were pretty neutral and wanted, most of all, to see an evenly contested match. As you can appreciate from the score however it was all a bit one sided. Although the Kiwi's didn't seem to tire of the endless All Blacks tries as much as we did.

So why lost in translation. Well you probably think it had something to do with an encounter with the few French supporters at the stadium, but in fact it refers to a conversation I had with our Kiwi neighbour on our return from the match.

Cathal "Well it wasn't great viewing"

Neighbour "Why?, were you stuck behind a pole or something?"

I didn't take it in at the time, and perhaps it's a "location joke" i.e. you had to be there, but it was typical of situations we have encountered from time to time. It is amazing how often such situation arise even though we are supposedly speaking the same language!

Yesterday Sharon said to the same neighbour something along the lines of "well fair play to them" which was followed by general silence and confusion on the part of our neighbour. Not the easiest thing to explain either.

So although there is no language barrier, as such, there are the minor incidents which are kind of funny in their own right. Don't get me wrong living here, as the Kiwi's might put it, is awesome, as good as gold and sweet as, eh!


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