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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thermo and Hottie

We didn't tell anyone at the time, but the cold winter weather was getting to us a few months ago so we decided to get a companion. We christened him Thermo for the warmth we hoped he would bring to our lives. He's a bit bigger than what we wanted initially but incredibly warm.

Despite all the guarantees in relation to walking him though, it is me who ends up walking him every morning and every night. Admittedly they are short walks but no one likes going out into the cold!

A few weeks ago we felt that Thermo wasn't doing so well so we decided to get another companion for him. We christened her Hottie after Sharon's hot water bottle. She's smaller than Thermo and therefore not as strong but what she lacks in size she makes up for in neatness.

Having us all together on those cold winter nights has made the whole NZ winter experience all the more pleasant. Thermo and Hottie are great company for each other and at night when we have to separate them the living room is literally a colder place without them. We never imagined we would have such great companions in NZ and I definitely didn't imagine we would have one sleeping in our bedroom. (The other stays in my office so he's there to greet me in the morning.)

What will we do when we leave? Well as heart breaking as it sounds we will probably have to sell them. It will be hard to leave them behind but we will have some great memories.

Incidentally we did buy another one the time we got Thermo. He was a "puppy" compared to Thermo and though small, compact and relatively cute we just didn't warm to him. So as cruel as it sounds we sort of ignore him most of the time. Sometimes though I bring him into my office when Sharon wants the other two in the living room. Although I must admit that I prefer having one of the other two around. I guess we can't all be popular! Would you like to see some photo's?

Here's Thermo and Hottie playing in the sitting room.

And here's the three of them together. You can see how small the little one is. Waste of space if you ask me!

You might laugh at the affection we have towards them but our world would be a much colder place in their absence!


PS As delighted I am to have finished posting about our holiday with Annette, at least it gave me some focus! Now you will have to put up with these sort of random thoughts!

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