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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All Black

Our neighbour came down last Friday afternoon and said he had two spare corporate box tickets for the rugby match that evening between Auckland and Wellington as part of a pre season warm up. He said that there would be free food and booze also if we were interested!

After the briefest of discussions we confirmed that we would be delighted to go. The match was on in the local Westpac Stadium where we saw the two other rugby matches we have posted about previously. Hanging out in a corporate box was a first for me but something I could definitely get used to. As it was a pre season friendly, we more or less had the whole stadium to ourselves. All joking aside but there was nearly more people in our box than in the stands. Apparently it takes the promise of free food and booze to bring the Kiwi's out to a friendly!

Or maybe everyone was saving their money for Saturday nights match between the All Blacks and Australia in the final of the Tri Nations Cup. The All Blacks lost to Australia in Melbourne in the first leg so it was a case of winner takes all!

We headed down to our local, The Realm, for a few drinks and to sample the atmosphere. It's funny but I think the haka has replaced the national anthem, in that it seems to get a much bigger reaction! Speaking of hakas our hosts on Friday night said that they really liked the All Blacks haka, but it seemed that lately a haka had to be preformed at the opening of an envelope! As popular as the haka is, it seems to be reaching saturation point!

The All Blacks won after a better performance in the second half which apparently is good for NZ's economy as it takes a dip every time the All Blacks get knocked out of a major tournament. No pressure then for the World Cup!

When we were in the corporate box there was a game of basket ball on the TV. NZ were playing Venezuela and won by 26 points. If the All Blacks are the National Rugby Team then what are the basketball team known as? Yep the Tall Blacks! So along with the Black Caps Cricket team, black seems to be the colour of choice. The exception being the Silver Ferns (Women's netball team). My favourite however is the name temporarily given to the National Badminton Team, the Black Cocks. I can see why it was temporary!


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