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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vanity oh vanity

I was reading a blog called Dreaming of Brazil today and came across the site myheritage.com which has a section where you can load up a photograph of yourself and they will match you to a celebrity!

As you can see from the pics below I didn't fare very well!!!!! I don't think I look a bit like Sarah Jessica Parker, but as chief camera man I struggled to find a half decent photo of myself.


I then remembered that I took a photo for our Skype account and loaded it up expecting better results, alas I was still disappointed. I loaded up a third photo and got a 90% likeness to Peter Sellers!!!!


Sharon on the other hand fared much better than me. Who wouldn't want to be compared to Beyonce Knowles! Well, me for starters.

The first photograph I loaded up of Sharon said she looked like Hilary Clinton which didn't exactly please her, no offence Hilary!

Give it a try you never know who you might get!