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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Long Island, Whitsunday Circuit (Day 8)

Tramping, trekking, hiking what ever you want to call it, it can be hard work but rewarding at the same time. Therefore I decided not to let our whole stay in Long Island pass by without some form of exertion. Sharon was availing of the facilities in the health spa on the resort the morning I decided to head out on the Whitsunday Circuit, a 3.5 km trek on Long Island. Now call me old fashioned, but I would have been inclined to call the Long Island trek the Long Island Circuit, but I am obviously behind the times. I don't even think you can see the Whitsunday Island from the trek so I am at a loss for an explanation.

The first view you get is when you look back along the trek towards the resort and see some of the Bures and the sea beneath you.

After that there are a few look outs along the way that are off the main trek. Sometimes these can be a bit disappointing but the first one was down to a stony beach which had a very sculptural tree which gave the following pics a very interesting foreground.

The second lookout or spur was not as interesting, except for the possible close encounter with some native crocs! It's at times like these you wish you knew the proper definition of recent.

After that there was a considerable walk before the next look out so I decided to take some photo's of the trek itself and some more abstract photos. The last photo is hard to make out but some animal had twisted a set of leaves to make some sort of star shaped cocoon?

After a while I reached the next look out called Humpy Point. It is a spur about .5km long and all up hill. Here's a few pics from the vantage point.

By the time I reached the next look out I was glad of the rest and after much deliberating and map studying decided it was time to turn back. I had done a mere 1.5km of the trek but decided that the weather wasn't suitable! Yes that's right it wasn't windy or raining as you can see from the photo's but it was midday, 28 degrees with a humidity of 75%! I have never felt so tired after so little exertion. Here's a few pics taken from the last (my last) lookout.

Given the heat and humidity I would have loved to strip off and dive into the water to cool down. To make matters worse I had almost ran out of drinking water also.

It's one thing not to be able to drink it, it's another not to be able to swim in it!


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