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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Post Tribulation (Day 1)

Where to begin? They say the first step on any journey is the hardest. So perhaps the posts about our journey through Australia will get easier the more posts we complete. I somehow doubt it. We decided to call this post, Post Tribulation in honour of Captain Cook the explorer and Cape Tribulation in Queensland, one of our many destinations on Day 2.

As the bloggers reading this post know, you can only attach a certain number of pics at a time. Apart from the attention span of blog readers, Blogger itself has its limits too which is fair enough. To explain a little more about our conundrum what follows is our itinerary for our second day in Tropical Queensland.

Daintree Rain Forest (World Heritage Site No. 1), Morning Tea, Cape Tribulation (Meeting point of two World Heritage Sites. (Daintree and Great Barrier Reef), Boat Cruise along river to go croc spotting., Short trek followed by picnic in Forest., Mossman Gorge, Afternoon Tea………….General exhaustion.

So how do you cram all that into one post and still do it justice? The answer, I don't know. Anyway that’s a puzzle for another day, for now I am content enough to talk about our host city for our first four days in Aus, Cairns. (Pronounced Cans). Kiwi’s, we have learned flatten their vowels, Fish and Chips, is pronounced Fush and Chups, Milk becomes Malk. Australian’s on the other hand do not pronounce their R’s very well. So Cairns becomes “Cans” Be careful though, if you take the piss out of them, as I did, they will quickly respond in their best Irish accent “turty tree and a turd.”

But back to Cans. The key in life to avoid disappointment is to curb your expectation. With Cairns this was easy, as we had none. Imagine our surprise to learn then, that Cairns is actually very interesting. The first thing that surprises you is the tropical climate, the humidity, the wildlife, the greenness. You just do not expect such a place to exist in what you perceive to be a big red desert of a continent.

Cairns has this great esplanade that runs along its entire coastline and we saw more natural wildlife on our one hour walk than we did in all our previous time in NZ. It was like being in an open air zoo. The flora/ fauna/wildlife seem to compete with each other for your attention, each one more vibrant than the next. Unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us, but here are a few pics of the esplanade we took on a different day.

They have even solved the problem of not being able to swim in the sea due to the crocs by building an artificial 4800 square metre salt water lagoon.

There's also a lovely area called the pier which has some nice restaurants overlooking a marina which is well worth a visit.
1 day down only 25 to go!

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