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Friday, March 30, 2007

Fraser Island to Sydney (Day 12)

Day 12 was departure day from Fraser island and involved a catamaran, a four hour drive, a two hour flight from Brisbane Airport and a taxi to arrive at our next abode, the Pensione Hotel on George's St., in Sydney. (I'm getting tired just thinking about how tiring and long a day it was!).

But before we left, we left at 10.00 am which was the afternoon relative to our other departure times on the trip to date, we took some close up pics of the local flora. The fern might be the symbol of NZ but Australia has its fair share too, as the next photo's show.

OK the last pic above is of a palm tree and the next two pics are extreme close ups of the same tree. (I can't remember whether the pic above and below are of a fern or a type of palm tree, I think it's a type of palm tree?). The second one is a close up of its flower. If you look closely towards the centre of the pic you will spot two ants.

The other common flower you see all over the place is the Banksia Flower which has these amazing flowers which change colour and texture as they go to seed.

We really enjoyed our time on Fraser although admittedly I think I enjoyed it more than Sharon. (Then again there were no yarn shops so that might explain a thing or two!) We are home a few weeks now and I think about that part of the trip, and in particular Lake McKenzie, more than all our other destinations.
The Pensione Hotel in Sydney proved to be a real find and a great base to explore the city. It was definitely the best value for money accommodation of the trip. It's situated in a refurbished building and although the rooms are small, and the en-suite only has a shower, the character of the place and the fact that it's pretty new more than makes up for the lack of space. I guess you could call it a boutique hotel with all the feel of the best of its Italian counterparts.
If you click here you'll see that even the web site is tastefully done.

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