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Monday, March 19, 2007

Whitsunday Islands (Days 5-8)

Day 5 saw us getting up at 5 (am). Yet another early start on our departure day from tropical Cairns. We flew from there to Hamilton Island. Two ferries and a boat ride later we had arrived at our destination, Pepper's Palm Bay, Long Island. Long Island being one of 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays. If you want to see a map of the islands click here. Here's a pic of Hamilton Island taken from the plane. Given our early start the sun was just rising as we were flying over head.

To say we stayed in a mixture of accommodation would be putting it mildly! Our holiday was one of extremes in every respect it would seem, including the accommodation. We went from a motel in Cairns to a Bure in Long Island. Long Island representing the zenith of our, at times, not so humble abodes. Here's a few pics from the boat heading into the resort showing some of the Bures and a pic looking out from our balcony.

The resort was quite isolated and had few visitors apart from the supply boat every Tuesday and the odd yacht, which would avail of the restaurant in the evening. The flora again was very interesting, here's a few pics of various flowers etc.

Unfortunately we were here for Valentine's Day, I say unfortunately, as Sharon is looking forward to me "topping" this next year! Doubtful, a brisk walk on Curracloe beach might be as exotic as we will get on our return home.

As nice as Curracloe is, it just doesn't have these views. Speaking of fine beaches and views perhaps the best beach in the Whitsundays is Whitehaven Beach. We didn't get to see it first hand, the web link is worth a look though.

Due to it's remoteness the resort was self contained, with a single restaurant. I had Kangaroo for the first time, and it was really tasty. Very like roast beef in my opinion. Thankfully it didn't taste like chicken, so I can avoid the usual cliche.

The Whitsunday's are in Queensland and as such the climate was still as tropical as Cairns. We found out, due mostly to Sharon's unfortunate reactionary disposition to Mosquito bites, that the mossie spray you pick up in the Pharmacy's back home is just insufficient. In step, Tropical Strength Insect Repellent, your smelly friend during those long, hot and humid days. Trust me the other stuff just doesn't pack the necessary punch, or pong!

There was plenty of furry companions during our stay, especially Wallabies, which came out around dusk to avail of the irrigated grass. There was also other, not so furry, friends like large beetles which made your journey from the restaurant back to the Bure far more interesting. We even had our own resident albino lizard in our bathroom. Here's a pic of some of the native birds and a Wallaby.

So that was our stay on Long Island, we had planned on spending our days here doing very little and that we managed effortlessly!


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