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Saturday, March 10, 2007


As mentioned in a previous post I turned 34 on the 6th March 07 and I just wanted to share some of the cards that I got with ye, in particular the ones I got from my niece and nephew, Alice and Daithi. Here are some pictures of the cards I got, which totalled six in number. A very industrious lot.

Norah and Ian, Irish friends of ours whom we met in Tasmania, brought over some presents from family in Ireland too, like Tayto crisps!!!!!! However the prize has to go to Grace Ann and Val for going to the trouble of sending me cards and birthday presents, via Walsh and Moloney Courier Services, from Ireland. Did I mention that Norah and Ian also brought wool for Sharon, as if she didn't have enough! So here's a picture of Grace Ann and Val's presents.

Grace Ann apparently read my post about floats not floating and decided that I might need some back up. Val's present has a joke behind it too but I am not willing to elaborate any further. Even Sharon got a card and it wasn't her birthday.

Daithi and Alice I miss you too!